shhh, don't tell anyone

i had a really great lesbian experience for the first time. i'm talking strap ons and everything. it blew my mind.

what's really weird is, i used to hate this girl. she really fucked me over once. it was weird to fuck her.

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man, new years is so full of sinners.
ive been drug of my ass takin these hooligans in.
i even got me an apprentice!
hopefully he works out...he hasnt been doing too well so far, keeps sticking us with these do gooding christians who think that if they are extra extra good down here, then that will get them a ticket to the holy land.
man, they are so gullable with that whole religion thing.
heh, little do they know that the more good they do down here, the further down the line you get, in fact, on each of their birthdays, they will move down a level if they continue this nonsense.
silly bible thumpers